We Have a Contract, Now What?

We Have a Contract, Now What?

We Have a Contract, Now What? 

- Negotiation skills are the most over-looked item when choosing a realtor.  Our clients have shared that our expertise in negotiations is one of the most important reasons they chose us.  Once an offer is presented, we will explain the terms of the contract.  After formulating your response, we will communicate and negotiate with the buyer’s agent on your behalf.  As an integral part of the real estate community for over 48 years combined, we personally know and have good working relationships with many of the real estate brokers in our community, which will help you.

As soon as we have an executed agreement, we will wait until the various inspection reports are submitted.  Upon receiving the reports, we will review and discuss your response.  If repairs are agreed upon, we can supply you with contacts for reputable tradesmen. 

- Appraisals are scheduled and ordered by the lender.  Usually, the appraiser will verify the sales price on the contract.  On the very few occasions when the appraisal does not match the sales price, we will re-open negotiations.

From contract to close, we will handle all communications with the buyer through their agent.  We will also coordinate time and date of closing with the closing attorney.  If any surprises come up, we are your advocate and fiduciary.  It is our goal to resolve any issues that may arise.

After the closing:  we will always be ready to serve your needs.  We strive to earn and keep your trust.

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