Questions to ask your agent

Questions to ask your agent

Questions to Ask Any Agent:

How long have you been in residential real estate in our area?

If they have not been in local real estate for several years, they have not been involved in the cyclical market that has defined our market to date.  One thing you should ask is how many transactions they average per year.  Experience is relative to the amount of business an agent does.

How long have you been licensed in our area?

When you hire an agent, you need local expertise.  If the agent has just recently moved to the area, they do not yet have that experience.

Are you familiar with new construction only (a site agent) or are you experienced in the existing housing market as well?

If an agent is only involved in site sales (new construction) they will not have enough knowledge or time to help you find an existing home on the market.  On the other hand, if the agent only has experience in existing home sales, they will not understand the nuances of new construction.  You want an agent who is well-versed in all areas of real estate.  For example, even the contracts vary greatly from new construction to an existing home.

What is your experience with financing alternatives and what might they be in my situation?

Each buyer’s situation is different.  We want you to explore all of your financial options.  You might have several alternatives.

How do you determine my qualifications and when?

It is important to talk to your lender and get a pre-approval letter early in the process.  This way you are ready to make a strong offer at a moment’s notice, increasing your chances for not only finding, but buying the home of your dreams.

How do you provide me with information on new homes for sale?

The agent should have a system that automatically updates you when new homes that meet your criteria come on the market.

What is your negotiating philosophy, and how do you apply it to me?

This is when experience plays a large role in negotiating.  Pay close attention to how many transactions the agent does per year.  More is better.  The more transactions the agent closes, the more experience they have in negotiating just about every situation that could come up.

How do you protect me from the extensive costs that lenders, attorneys, inspectors, and others charge a home purchaser?

The typical answer is that these charges are just normal.  Make sure that the agent has an immediate knowledge of what typical costs are.  Some of the closing costs can be negotiated with the seller.

Are you full-time or part-time?

Be concerned with part-time agents, they might not have a chance to dedicate their full attention to your transaction while being at their other job.

How long have you been licensed?

This is also crucial.  You do not want to be a “learning experience” for the agent.

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