Contract to Closing

Contract to Closing

Contract to Closing 

I’ve found my home, what do I do now?

Congratulations! Now for the paperwork…

We will thoroughly research recent relevant sales and begin preparing documents to review with you in person or, if you are out of town, via email.  Any special requests/concerns you have will be in the offer under the “special stipulations” section.  Your offer will then be presented to the seller’s representing broker and we will negotiate to get you the best price and terms.

What three things can happen next?

The seller will review your offer and consider all of the terms, not just the price.  They can either accept your offer as submitted, counter some of the terms, or reject your offer.  Once our final offer is accepted, the sellers sign all of the documents and then you have an executed and legally binding offer to purchase and contract.

Now for the details… executed contracts will be delivered (usually by email to all parties).  Your earnest money is delivered to the seller’s agent’s company.  The check will be processed and applied to your down payment.

Due diligence is the time period you have to confirm that you truly want to purchase this home.  It is when you do all of your inspections and negotiate repairs, if any, with the seller.  During due diligence we may also prepare and send the seller a repair agreement document if there are some important items that you would like for them to consider repairing.  Once agreed to by all parties and the terms are noted in the repair agreement, the sellers will arrange for the repairs to be completed prior to our final walk-through.  This usually happens prior to closing.

At the same time, you and your lender will continue to work together to get your loan confirmed. They will confirm credit, order the appraisal, and verify information on all the documents you submitted.  The lender will ask the closing attorney to provide a title search for the property.  Of course, if there are liens on the property, this would have to be cleared prior to closing.

In addition to these items, you will need to set up your new home insurance policy.  If you do not yet have a preferred insurance vendor, team de Laurentys will be glad to refer you to a few companies that have provided good service to their clients.

It’s Closing, what do I need to bring?

Within a day of settlement we should have the final paperwork from the attorney indicating what funds you need to bring to closing/settlement.  We will review this with you to verify the all of the terms of the contract are the same as what’s in the closing statement.  Payment should be made payable to the closing attorney’s firm.  Our team will schedule the final walk-through at the house for you and us to occur the afternoon before or morning of the closing.  Please be sure to bring a photo ID and your bank certified check for your down payment.  Settlement should only take an hour and the attorney will review all of the lender and legal forms you will be signing. We will be at the closing with you to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Often times the lender will accompany us to closing in case there are last minute questions.  After paperwork is signed, the attorney will record the closing transaction and you will get the keys to your new home!




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